What is Blue Lizard Design?


Picking a name is never easy. Whether it’s for a child, a business, a band or even a pet, the question comes to pass, what name will best represent this entity? Blue Lizard Design is the name my daughter came up with for my new jewelry business. I wanted a name that referenced nature as well as recycling and reusing. I didn’t discuss the issues with my daughter but I guess she knows me better than I thought. I pondered the name for a brief time and settled on it.

Pendants and Pieces

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Drawing and Paiting from The University of Texas at Austin and Master’s degree in Sculpture and Jewelry from Stephen F. Austin State University. Art and creativity have always been a part of my life. Even when I’ve had jobs that didn’t require it, I found a way to incorporate it. It just comes natrually.

My approach towards art is use what’s available Inspiration comes from your surroundings. I like to mix media, objects, man-made materials with natural materials. The way I think and the ideas I have require various types of elements to come together to form a piece.

The desk of Inspiration

The best way to find what I need for my work is to look for it. This seems obvious. I walk and run a lot and always keep my eye out for something unusual. I also garage sale on weekends with my family. It’s qualtity time and productive to my business and art, a WIN WIN.

Watches have become my choice de jour. I’m facinated with watches and time and the fact that I can use them as a container of objects is as the say “icing on the cake”. Ultimately the containers will become a pendant or part of a bracelet.

The Watches

The website, http://www.bluelizarddesigns.me, will be forthcoming so check back often to see jewelry and read about what I’m working on at the moment.


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