Watch This


My fascination with watches and time is consuming. Think about how a watch is used. We keep track of time with it. The time we track is usually of no real importance but if something special happens, we take note of the time and memorize it.

The facination with Time.

It can be as simple as the time we are supposed to be at work or get off. The TV show we want to watch or set the DVR to record airs at this time. The moment you realize you are in love or the second you know it’s time to take this job and shove it will be recorded. What is time, two sets of numbers separated by a colon. What if, your watch is fast, or slow? Does that make the time you’ve put to memory any less significant?

Time and Memories

Time zones were created so that everyone in the world can efficiently measure time in the same way. This is accomplished by setting noon as a fixed point when the sun is at it’s highest point in the sky. We then divide the earth into 24 equal slices of 15 degrees (how much the earth roates each hour)and adjust clocks accordingly. What is this fixed point, the Prime Meridian ie. The Greenwich Meridian, located in Greenwich, England.

Your watch reads 12:46 pm and the person in Hong Kong, well their watch reads 1:46 am, the next calendar day. The moment in time is the same but the watch keeping track of the moment exists in another time zone and is documented accordingly.

Time Flies

All this is simple. The earth rotates on it’s axis and around the sun so day and night occur at different times all over the world. Now you’re just confused as to why a jewelry blog gave you so much infomation regarding time, zones, and earth roation. Maybe you’ve now become consumed, like me.

Remember this moment

Are you curious? Read more about World Time Zone.


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