Quick and Dirty


It’s been my goal the last week to make time for art. I have a horrible habit of over thinking and over planning to the point that nothing gets accomplished. I gave myself a simple thing to do, make art.

I was trained in painting, drawing, sculpture and jewelry and that’s what I’ve always done. With my new iphone in hand, I decided to take random pictures of myself at work, in the car, sitting at my desk. Whenever I had a moment I snapped a shot. I emailed them to myself and began thinking about how to process them. There was no real goal or theme because I didn’t know what the photos would look.

I began processing them with Photoshop over the last two days and it’s been a wonderful experience. The photos began to take on a voice of their own. I kept them all black and white because I liked the contrast and it made me focus on a theme or subject for each photo.

I hope you enjoy viewing them. I believe Quick and Dirty describes the process at which this mini show came about and it inspired me to just get things done. No pomp, no circumstance, just a goal and an outcome.

blurry me

split me

2 faced

cross me



chin up




my dead self


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