Auto-Pilot ie…Trust your instincts


I finished my first jewelry commission. What a thrill. I made it for a friend whom I had worked with when I was a graphic artist. Although I was a temp employee, I was always treated extremely well by everyone who worked there and I had the privilege of working closely with RV.

He was working on his Master’s degree in Business while I was there and he is now graduating. When he heard I was making jewelry he asked me to make something for him. I was both honored and terrified!

I spent several weeks just gathering items I would use for his necklace. I had some ideas but nothing was concrete. I’m the type of artist who needs a variety of things around so that I can see them all and make decisions. As my deadline grew near, I went on “auto pilot”. This is the term I use when I let my sub-conscience make the decisions because my conscious becomes too cautious an over-analyzing.

The Charm Necklace

I sat at my desk to work with all my treasures in front of me. Panic set in! I was concerned that I was going astray and everything I chose was horribly WRONG! I emailed him and asked about the metal colors he preferred knowing I was making a huge mistake. When I checked my email to see his reply “WOMBA” the auto-pilot worked! I picked the right materials and the right colors…Sometimes I think I think too much!!!

I planned to put his initials in the piece and “auto-pilot” came on.(Somewhat out of fear because I couldn’t find the right font and make it work within the charm bezel.)I found the word Dream on another charm and was able to pull it off and combine it with a star. The meaning of the word juxtaposed with the star was perfect. It was a wonderful metaphor for him achieving his goals and for me to achieve mine. I learned a new technique for creating personal charms to boot!

Charms Close-up

When in doubt, let your knowledge of the person you are creating for and your knowledge of your craft guide you. I call mine “auto-pilot” but it’s really just trusting yourself and your abilities to create. He totally loved the piece.

The Complete Necklace


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