New Year, New Attitude


Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to this new year opening up all types of new opportunities. Of course I have to make the jewelry, photograph it and market it, BUT I’m very excited about the ideas I have.

I created 3 pieces for Christmas gifts that were extremely well received! YEA!!! I’ve been garage selling and keeping my eyes open to a variety of objects that could be utilized in my jewelry.

The options are endless!!!

I also resolve to blog more and keep everyone/anyone who cares updated. This is the year of the Dragon and I plan to attack everyday as such. There is no denying that when you have a family and a job, things constantly get in the way of pursuing creative endeavors. This year, the fire is lit and I will be breathing it out for the next 353 days left. My Motto, like the Dragon’s, “I REIGN”!

My wish for you this year is to decide what you want and go get it. It’s a New Year, attack it with a New Attitude and don’t stop until you have surpassed your goals and expectations!!!


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