I’ve done it!!! I signed up for an etsy account. I have listed 3 pieces, 2 rings and a necklace. I was skeptical about using etsy to sell my jewelry. I don’t know if it will present well and if people from all over the US care to view and buy my pieces. Time will tell.

The reason I did it… because I felt as long as I make the pieces and keep telling myself to go meet people and shop owners, I was at a stalemate. I need to make more pieces, and then I need photograph them, and then I need to make appointments. It was easy to stay in a holding pattern and not take any action because there were so many actions to take. SO ETSY…here we go.

Communion close-up

Another thing that happened is that I got really excited about putting my jewelry out there and building a presence for it. I’m fortunate (maybe not) that I’m very comfortable with social media and promoting myself via the internet. I started my doll business and sold hundreds of dolls without any real representation in a store. Everything was online. It also forced me to take a real look at why I create the way I do and why it’s important. I also built a fan page for myself on Facebook. Why didn’t I do that a year ago? Because I didn’t have to and I really didn’t know what my work was about.

If you are waiting on your big break, for shop owners and galleries to notice your work, put it in front of hundreds of thousands of people who will ultimately demand owners to see it and take notice…You will have built a clientele and you have control over how you are represented and your prices.

I’m not telling you that etsy is your best bet. I don’t know that for myself as of yet. What I know is that as long as you are creating in the comfort of your home or studio with hopes of getting noticed, it won’t happen until you take charge and force people to see what you do. Go, go now.

Communion Charm Necklace


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