Marathon Training Begins


I started running about 3 years ago. After a few months, I began competing in 5K races. Another 4 months or so went by and I actually ran the Run Austin half marathon. Then I started running 10K trail runs and 10K street runs. I’ve come a long way since those days of combining running and walking, just to complete 26 miles per week.

When I first started training for a half marathon, it wasn’t easy. There were times when I felt like I just sucked and I would never be able to run 13.13 miles. Those ugly times were the moments when I would go even harder and push myself to go the distance. Once I got a couple of races under my belt, I realized that not only was I getting better, I was learning how to be better. I’ve placed 1st in my age group in all but 1 of my trail runs, where I placed 2nd and I placed 1st overall woman in the last trail run I did a few months ago.

Cherish, mixed media necklace

Fly, charm necklace

So what does running have to do with jewelry making or opening a esty store? If you read my previous blog, you know that I just opened my etsy store, Blue Lizard Design. This was a real accomplishment for me. I’ve set my sites on becoming a full-time artist and I have started my business training marathon. I am well aware of the many long and hard training hours I will need to put into this endeavor to become a success and win.

Time Machine, mixed media necklace

I’ve learned so much already by viewing all the talented jewelry artists on etsy and I’m building my training program. I know I need to take better pictures and spend time learning how to display my pieces. Descriptions need to be more informative, personal and remain unique. Most importantly, I need to make more jewelry and fill my store. I’m sure there are more things that will be added to my training program as I move forward. That’s the way it goes with training, the things you need to do and know unfold with time. The one thing I’m absolutely sure of is that I’m ready for the challenge. Bring on the Marathon!

The start of my half marathon


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