The Waiting is the hardest part


My etsy store has been open a week today and nothing has sold. I’m a little disappointed but I also know it will take time for people to see my jewelry, become intrigued and ultimately buy it.

Deva, (celestial spirit) made for Debbie

The market for hand-made jewelry is huge. I have to learn to fight my way through, work hard, and make it to the top.

I’ve had to learn how to do this before. I remember running in the Capitol 10K in 2010. It’s a huge race around the capitol and through downtown Austin. Approximately 25,000+ run this race, it’s the largest 10K in Texas and one of the largest 10K’s in the nation.

The Dragon, copper wire wrapped ring

When you start, you can’t run, there are so many people that you slowly push to the start and look for a way to fight through the crowd.

It’s intimidating, frustrating and overwhelming all at once. Once you get past this, you look for openings and run faster and faster.

The Rabbit (calm), copper wire wrapped ring

You pass all of those people who have still not found their way through the crowd and you begin to make your own way. The power to persevere and overcome is AWESOME!!!

The positive has been it’s made me extremely motivated to create more pieces. I’ve completed three since Tuesday, 2 rings and 1 necklace. I know that I have so many more to make. I would like to have 50 pieces by the end of February. Yes it will be tough but with each piece I make, I get faster and my work is better. I plan to work on earrings next and maybe a couple of bracelets. Getting through this rough spot is no different than what I’ve had to experienced before. Look for openings – find your niche: run faster – get better at your craft: overcome the negative emotions that you take you out of the race – surpass your own expectations. The waiting is the hardest part, but crossing the finish line is priceless.

10K Trail Run Finish


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