Bi-Polar by Design


As I viewed pages upon pages of jewelry listed on etsy to size up my competition, I was inspired. Valentine’s Day is coming. It’s not my favorite holiday but I do like red, pink and hearts so I thought this would be a great way to create some new pieces based on a Holiday theme.

Be Mine, wire wrapped ring

It seems to be a trend to make pieces surrounding a Holiday so, here we go!

I created two silver wire wrapped rings using hearts and ideas based on the little heart shaped candy you see at this time of year. They are so cute, but what’s up with the taste…YUCK!!! Anyway, I designed, BE MINE and TRUE BLUE. They are happy, sweet and mostly eye candy.

True Blue, wire wrapped ring

Then another side emerged and the strong desire to create something macabre rolled over me. I’m not one to close the door when the creative juices are flowing so I went for it. The idea of Til Death Due us Part swelled in my head. It’s still romantic in a goth kind of way. I wrapped up a pendent with silver wire and a red glass bead to hold the somewhat grim charms. I wired two stone carved skulls, an old heart locket milagro to start. It needed a little more so I added a vintage pearl essence glass bead and a gun metal sparrow. It’s strangely delightful with it’s play on symbolism and meaning and it’s looks, charming. (Yes, I love puns, but that’s another blog.)

Til Death Do Us Part, charm necklace, close up

I believe that there is a creative balance that keeps us afloat. Bi-polar – having two different ideas, having two completely different opinions, attitudes, or natures. Artists especially, tap into both of their extremes to create a visual representation of what they see and feel.

In my quest to make some jewelry pieces for the Valentine Holiday, it occurs to me that it’s a Holiday that is, bi-polar. There are those who love it, and those who hate it. It’s a celebration of happy, joyous, new love and a sad reminder of those loved and lost. Ultimately, to me, it’s a cue that I should always allow myself to follow my nature, both of them, and make what I’m drawn to create. Both extreme ideas are valid and we are all bi-polar by design.

Til Death Do Us Part, charm necklace, full


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