Change, nothing stays the same


It’s time for a change. My etsy store has been up for approximately 3 weeks now and I’ve been working under the name Blue Lizard Designs for several months. I’ve realized that this name doesn’t completely fit my artistic view. What’s in a name anyway? As I continue to make more jewelry, I’ve discovered that I enjoy exploring many different sides of my aesthetic. Sure I can plant flowers and skip, but there’s also a part of me that likes to punch, kick and listen to punk rock. (If you read my bi-polar by design post, you know what I’m talking about.)

Knox, earrings with malachite

After much contemplation, I’ve decided to do a name change. I need something that feels right, describes my point of view and accurately represents the work I do. I love puns but I didn’t want to go too far in that direction. I didn’t want to name it after my own name, that just feels weird. Honestly, I always had a hard time signing my name on the front of a painting or drawing. I never felt that my signature belonged on the idea as a part of the design…I’d just sign the back with a date.

Dangles 1.1, earrings on gunmetal with garnet crystals

The dilemma, what’s a good fit and will continue to represent how I work now as well as in the future…I’ve already made that mistake once! It became more clear to me this week as I was making earrings. I stopped over thinking and just made them. Instead of worrying about how they would fit into a blue lizard design theme, I made them based on what I personally like in a earring.

Rollers, earrings on silver chain with onyx

It’s actually simple. I love dangles with high design and light weight. This is also important to guys if you buy the lady in your life earrings. Heavy earrings are uncomfortable and look unattractive when they are weighting your earlobe down.

In my (what seems to be now) regular fashion of designing happy and light, I also designed dark and edgy. The result is that I’m extremely pleased with everything I made and I believe it all fits my personal vision. Naming that personal vision is tricky. I’m inspired by music, punk, grunge, classic rock, alternative and metal. I’m inspired by Pop artists such as Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenburg and Joseph Cornell. I adore pop culture and fashion. I love a good Roller Derby bout, and I never miss Top Chef or Glee. I’ve taken all of this into consideration and it makes me dizzy.

Daisy Chain, earrings with red glass crystals

Dizzy – giddy, bewildered, sensation of whirling. This word completely describes me and it sounds better than crazy. I pondered how I could incorporate this word into a name. I talked it through with Phillip. I mentioned that I wish I would have come up with the name Alice in Chains. I love the band, the name harkens to Alice in Wonderland and it sounds great coming off the lips. He thought for a moment and suggested Dizzy in Chains. Hmm. I marinated over the idea for a while and decided that this was a name I could use. It has meaning now and it will carry me into the future. Dizzy in Chains perfectly characterizes my attitude and my working philosophy. I also get a little pun as a cherry on top.

Daisy Chain 1.1 earrings with pink rhodochrosite

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. ~ Alan Watts

Squares n Dangles, earrings on gunmetal chain


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