Spinning Out of Control


The perfect spin.

Think of a spinning top. When it first starts, it spins very fast and stays in one place. As it continues to spin, it slows, wobbles, spins out of control, and falls over. I haven’t fallen over yet.

I stared with a ton of energy. I created a lot of pieces, set-up my etsy store and started a blog. I accomplished all of the back end work that needed to be done. I made logos and banners and posted pictures and wrote profiles. I was completely driven to make all of this happen. It’s all up and running now and at this point, I find myself slowing down and getting wobbly.

Ballchain, earrings with cloisonne and chain

I will find the mojo to spin fast again! There is so much that must be done. It’s almost the weekend and that always rejuvenates me. On Saturdays, I go to garage and estate sales and I visit my local bead shops for supplies and inspiration. This is my auger. (The metal shaft that you pump to make the top spin.) I wish I had more of these days per week as a way to wind myself up more often.

Dangles on the Dark Side, earrings with black rhinestones

I continue to design more pieces and I’m full of ideas. This is a definite plus. It’s natural to have a humongous amount of momentum at the beginning. As time ambles on, if we’re not consistently gathering our forces, momentum slows, we loose our balance and, topple over. I’m the type of person that recognizes whats happening, says it aloud and then holds myself accountable for taking care of business. I will spin out of control, but I will not topple!

Dangles 3.1 chain, garnet,glass crystals

An interesting fact is that the top is one of the oldest recognizable toys found in archeology. They developed independently all over the world. I find it interesting that a top is a perfect metaphor for our lives as artists and people all over the world and for a very long time have concurred. Keep spinning my friends.

The slow, wobble spin.


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