Buying Inspiration


No garage sales Saturday! Thunderstorms and flash floods forced us to abandon garage selling, so we decided to visit one of our favorite local bead stores in Austin, Bead It! I have three stores I frequent because they each have their own unique inventory. Shopping at Bead It! requires no list. You shop there to discover one of a kind items and a variety of extraordinary jewelry…stuff. The only reason you would need a list, is to remind you to buy a few more of the items you bought previously, and want more of.

One of my favorite things to buy there is “Bead Soup”. Five dollars gets you a 2″ x 3″ bag of glass beads, crystals, and various other types of beads.

Bead Soup

I love it because I’m always inspired by the strange and unusual beads and the surprise element. I might find them in the store but it’s more fun to scoop them into the bag and check them all out once I’m at home.

Isabelle had a purpose. She wants a Goddess Girl necklace so we found some really cool gold coins with Greek profiles on them and I made a pair of earrings for her.

Goddess Girl Earrings

I’m still working on the necklace. It’s been exciting to get out of my “normal” realm of thinking and make something for her with her guiding me.

Owls are another huge interest for her and while I was looking through some metal charms, she accompanied one of the employees to some awesome glass owl beads. She just bought one and when we got home, I realized that I needed more…So I will add that to the list for the next time I go and I will buy more owls.

Awesome glass owl bead that Isabelle picked out!

I don’t always have to spend money to be inspired, although my husband might argue otherwise! It was nice to get out in the horrible weather and find a source of sunshine and happiness. All artists have their own way of getting inspired. For me, it’s about seeing so many possibilities and being able to act on a few by making a purchase here or there. Who says you can’t buy inspiration…

I love these glass beads. They remind me of neon fish.


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